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Enjoy FREE access to the best cloud accountants - and accountancy software - on the market. It’s the smart way to do business.

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What are the benefits of cloud accountants?

Online, cloud accounting software, like the solutions we offer here at Danbro Business, harnesses the best technology to enhance and streamline the accountancy service your business receives. Hosted on a remote server, information is easily accessible and readily available. Different packages and types of software provide different levels of service.

Through our exclusive digital accounting solutions, you can get important business financials delivered straight to your smartphone. All in real-time. This allows you to make key business and cash flow decisions on the move. Our sophisticated tech stack includes software from FreeAgent, Fathom, Xero and QuickBooks. Depending on your circumstances we, as leading cloud accountants, can recommend which platform, or platforms, best suit your needs.

Online Cloud Accounting Software


We’ve teamed up with Xero, so you can join over two million businesses benefitting from their advanced technology and targeted software. From importing transactions to sending invoice reminders, tasks are automated, with data presented in real-time. Xero’s exclusive features include:

  • A customisable dashboard, so you can view and share reports and budgets
  • Easy tracking of invoices, bills and bank balances
  • Automatic account updates and HMRC submissions
  • Create and send customised, professional invoices, and send automatic reminders

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Thanks to our Platinum Partnership with FreeAgent, you can enjoy real-time access to your business’s finances. The software includes an easy-to-use app, offering a simple, intelligible way to manage:

  • Expenses & Invoices
  • Banking & Transactions
  • Tax forecasting
  • Project management

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As QuickBooks Platinum ProAdvisors, our clients can make important, data-driven decisions on tax, bills, expenses, invoices, payroll, and cash flow - all from a smartphone. As well as QuickBooks set up and training for your team, you’ll get:

  • Real-time cash flow information
  • Income & expense management tools
  • VAT SmartScan™ error checker & VAT submissions
  • Reporting, tracking & pay-enabled invoicing

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Fathom integrates seamlessly with systems like Xero & QuickBooks to provide clean, clear and insightful reports and dashboards for your business, giving you the wings you need for a bird’s eye view of your business.

    • Get a consistent view of your franchisees’ results, accounts and KPIs to accurately assess performance across your network
    • Benchmark and compare your franchisees’ performance
    • Create custom report templates to roll out across all units
    • Consolidate results from across your franchise

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Cloud Accountants: Making Tax Digital for you

Making Tax Digital’ is an important component of the government’s long-term tax plan. Their intention is to streamline peoples’ tax affairs through digital record-keeping. In turn, this should help people and businesses stay on top of their tax affairs. Through Making Tax Digital, both mistakes and non-compliance should also reduce, saving HMRC millions in unpaid taxes each year. It's seen as a big step towards the UK becoming a global leader in ‘digital tax administration’.

All businesses with a taxable turnover above the current VAT threshold need to keep digital VAT records. Businesses that fall below this threshold are not obliged to do this, yet. However, many consider it best practice nonetheless. Making Tax Digital embraces accounting technology. You can use it to store digital business records and send Income Tax updates to HMRC. Live updates replace the filing of longwinded Self-Assessment tax returns.

Enhanced by the online software we use, we’ll make sure your business remains completely compliant. Join us today, and say goodbye to painstaking paper trails and tedious tax returns.

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