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Fathom & Danbro Business

Track performance at a glance, and turn accounting data into business intelligence with Danbro Business & Fathom.

Understand, Deliver and Grow Together.

‘Powerfully Simple’ Reporting & Analysis for Your Business

Join Danbro Business and enjoy Fathom’s ‘powerfully simple financial analysis, performance reporting, cash flow forecasts, benchmarking and consolidations’. With Fathom’s unique tools and features, you can:

  • Assess profitability, cash flow, growth and other KPIs.
  • Compare and rank related companies, clients and/or franchisees.
  • Create customised KPIs and track financial (and non-financial) metrics.
  • Craft personalised management reports and get the insights you need to make informed decisions.
  • Plan for all eventualities with integrated three-way forecasting.
  • Produce consolidated reports for multiple entities, across almost 100 currencies.

Fathom integrates seamlessly with systems like Xero and QuickBooks to provide clean, clear and insightful reports and dashboards for your business. So, choose Danbro Business today, and let Fathom give you the wings you need for a bird’s eye view of your business.

Financial Analysis, KPI Reports, Benchmarks and Consolidations

Fathom for Franchisors

Trusted by over 50,000 companies worldwide, Fathom provide solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. So, it’s ideal for forward-thinking franchisors like you. Gain deeper insights into your franchise by tracking, comparing, and compiling reports on your franchisees - all in a couple of clicks.

What’s more, both Danbro Business and Fathom are members of the British Franchise Association. So, you can rest assured that the highest operational standards are being met. Here’s how Fathom can help you as a franchisor:

    • Get a consistent view of your franchisees’ results, accounts and KPIs. This allows you to accurately assess performance across your network.
    • Benchmark and compare franchisees’ performance. So, you can identify top performers, as well as any underperformers.
    • Create custom report templates to roll out across all units.
    • Consolidate results from across your franchise.

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