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Danbro Business: Part of the Danbro Family

From humble beginnings to industry award-winners, find out how the Danbro Group can help you.

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Discover Danbro’s Story

Danbro Business are a key part of the Danbro Family. Founded in 1999 by Helen & Damian Broughton, ‘Danbro Accounting Ltd’ began life as a small, family-run, contractor accountancy firm with only a handful of clients. Almost 25 years on and we now employ hundreds of people across a range of departments. As well as business accountancy, the Danbro Group also provides specialist financial, payroll, and employment solutions to thousands of businesses, contractors and self-employed people across the UK. Discover more about our story, below.

Here’s what our Founders, Helen & Damian, love most about the business they have built…

Our Group

Thanks to Danbro’s substantial service offering, you can switch between departments as per your circumstances. It's seamless. Whether you’re looking for a mortgage, need help getting a CIS refund, or if you’re switching from a limited company to umbrella company, we’re here to help.

Our Family

At Danbro, we’re passionate about people; putting you, our clients, at the heart of what we do. The notion of family, of helping people fulfil their potential, is one of the core values that’s underpinned our culture during 20 years of success in business. It’s the loyalty and trust of our clients, combined with the hard work and integrity of our award-winning team that makes this place so special.

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Our Values

The Danbro Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2017. A key part of our 2025 vision, the Foundation's board of trustees comprises employees from across the Danbro Group. The Danbro Foundation focuses on bettering the lives of those less fortunate and creating futures full of opportunity.

Since 2010, we’ve also underwritten all the UK administration costs for international charity, Operation Orphan. It's a fantastic charity that continues to make a huge difference in the lives of underprivileged children all over the world. We also work alongside local charities such as Street Angels. To find out more about the work we do, or to apply for funding through our Foundation, click below.

Our Employee Benefits

As a Group, we’re committed to providing a real living wage to all our employees. The satisfaction and work-life balance of every member of our team is crucial to who we are as a business. Our team also get:

Private Medical


Peformance Related

33 days leave per year (incl. bank hols)

Private Company

FREE Financial

Carbon Action Team

Protecting the environment is an issue we’re passionate about. Over the years, Danbro’s Carbon Action Team have implemented many initiatives to reduce our carbon emissions and improve our energy efficiency. 

1. Rainwater Harvesting

To reduce our mains water usage, the rainwater harvesting system at our Jubilee House home collects and treats rainwater (which we get a lot of on the Fylde Coast!) before pumping it back into the building.

2. Electric Charge Points

Our electric charge points, situated at the front of the building, are used regularly by members of staff, and mean we’re fully prepared for the future of electric motoring.

3. Follow Me Printing

Inside the building we have a ‘Follow Me’ printing system. This means printing jobs are only released when the user goes to the printer. It discourages unnecessary printing and reduces our paper waste.

4. Reduced Energy Emissions

We also introduced an automatic, overnight shutdown of all the building’s PCs, cutting our energy emissions dramatically.

Our Home

Jubilee House

Resting on the banks of the River Ribble Estuary, and overlooking the iconic Lytham Green,  Jubilee House has been our home since 2015. Having purchased the premises from the local council three years earlier, we lovingly converted the 1960s Land Registry Building into a stunning, modern, multi-purpose facility.

Home to dozens of other businesses, Jubilee House has fast become a Lytham landmark. Playing host to an array of events throughout the year, our unique, penthouse suite - 'The Green Room' - boasts enviable views of the Estuary, the windmill and, every summer, the acclaimed Lytham Festival. The building's situated close to Lytham Town Centre and Lytham Train Station. It has free parking for staff and visitors and is fully equipped with Changing Places facilities.

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