Learn more about Danbro Business’s relationship with eco-friendly swimwear brand, Batoko.

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Fashionably freeing our oceans from plastic...

‘Batoko are rubbish.


The company are a successful swimwear brand from the North West of England. They specialise in the design and production of eco-friendly swimwear. Batoko’s clothing is made from 100% recycled plastic waste. To date, they’ve recycled the equivalent weight of an incredible 220,000 plastic bottles into swimwear. We’ve been associated with them for over seven years now, and it’s so rewarding for us to be able to help an organisation who carry out such vital work on behalf of our oceans.

We put 10 questions to Batoko’s Director, Mark Bonsor, to find out more about how Danbro Business have been able to help them.

What challenges or complications were Batoko having before joining Danbro Business?

“We were having issues with our previous accountants. For instance, if we didn’t remind them to submit VAT returns or send our monthly payrolls, they wouldn’t get done. Having to remember to chase-up the accountants was a huge headache for us. On a few occasions we’d even receive reminders from HMRC. This was extremely stressful.”

Have Danbro Business been able to help resolve those issues?

“Yes. Since switching to Danbro, they’ve taken care of our payrolls & VAT returns on time, without the need for us to prompt them – taking away any unnecessary stress. As an online business, customers expect answers, fast. Our previous accountants had a significantly slow response time. This became a problem when we needed advice before responding to customers. We’ve found that there’s always somebody available at Danbro to provide answers. That’s invaluable to us.”

Have Danbro Business been able to help Batoko ‘grow’? If so, how?

“We have full trust in Danbro to take care of our payroll, VAT and accounts correctly and on time. This has freed us to focus on the areas of our business we’re best at – allowing us to grow significantly.”

What’s the most ‘measurable impact’ that we’ve had on your business?

“The positive relationship – and trust – that we have with Danbro has helped build our confidence in areas of the business that we previously lacked. With Danbro’s patience and guidance, we understand all manner of accounting and VAT much better. The whole process has become simplified and positive.”

Have we been able to provide assistance relating specifically to your industry?

“The tech and internet-business sector is still relatively new. We’ve found that some accountants shy away from this ‘non-traditional’ business type, or are unable to provide the advice we need. Danbro is a modern company. They have a diverse client base and have been able to provide assistance where others have not.”

Are there any aspects of our services that you feel your company could no longer do without?

“We like to work digitally, which Danbro are great at. QuickBooks is also helpful when submitting and agreeing to documents, making the process quicker and more efficient.”

Is there a particular person - or team of people - who’s helped you during your time with Danbro Business?

“Lara has always been available to answer any questions we may have. Leanne went above and beyond, hand-delivering a parcel to us that got sent to Danbro’s offices by mistake. Neil, too, has taken the time to understand our business from the get go.”

Trusting a third-party with the outsourcing of your financial department requires a great deal of faith on your part. Did you have any reservations before making that decision and how were they addressed?

“We were confident in switching to Danbro after our initial meeting with Neil. He listened to our needs and addressed the concerns we had.”

If you were to recommend us to another company, what would you say?

“We would recommend Danbro to any company, big or small, traditional or not. You can have full trust in Danbro to take care of your accounts correctly and on time. They’re a highly professional and efficient company. Danbro are warm and approachable too, making it easy to ask questions and build a fantastic, long-term business relationship.”

Finally, if you were to describe your experience with Danbro Business in three words, what would they be?

“Efficient. Modern. Friendly.”

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