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EweMove Basingstoke

Here’s what Mark Holmes, Franchisee of EweMove Basingstoke, has to say about the support he’s received from Danbro Business.

Understand, Deliver and Grow Together.

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EweMove Basingstoke - accounting for franchisees...

We began working with EweMove – a multi-award-winning Sales and Lettings Agency – back in 2015. Seven years on and we now provide specialist, cloud-based accounting services to the vast majority of the company’s franchisees. It’s a relationship that’s representative of our promise to understand, deliver, and grow together.

We recently caught up with Mark Holmes, Director of EweMove’s Basingstoke branch. Mark’s been working with us since the spring of 2017. His business receives services such as accountancy, payroll, and professional advice. All aspects which he agrees his business could now ‘not do without’. We started by asking him about his impression of Danbro, having worked with us for a few years.

“Really courteous,” he explained. “I find them to be quick to respond to any questions or queries, no matter how silly they may seem. Danbro were also very helpful with getting our business set up.”

‘Nothing is too much trouble’

As part of Danbro’s acclaimed accountancy service, each company we work with gets a personal accountant assigned to them. This is someone who looks after their financial affairs on a first-hand basis. With EweMove, Lara Hodkinson is the specialist who takes care of their finance function. She’s a regular visitor to their head office in Cleckheaton, where she conducts coaching and training sessions. Accountant, Scott Harrison – a key part of Lara’s team, looks after their Basingstoke branch.

“Scott has been so helpful,” said Mark. “He organises any payroll queries for the team and is always on hand to provide specialist tax advice. Both Scott and Lara are extremely helpful. They’re quick to respond to any questions we have. And they always give the impression that nothing is too much trouble.”

‘A massive impact on our business’

One of the main issues the company had before using Danbro Business was getting things right first time across their network. Franchisees’ books were being prepared in a different way, by different accountants. This made it more difficult for the franchisor to compare and improve areas like performance. As Managing Director, Nick Neill, acknowledged that Danbro Business have had a “massive impact” on the franchise.

“By working with Danbro,” Nick said, “EweMove are now able to work with our franchisees on a completely consistent basis. This helps us identify areas of high and low performance. It enables us to share best practice across the board. We couldn’t do without having all our franchisees working to the same processes with a UK wide operator.

“This is something that Danbro have particularly excelled at.”

Launched in 2014, EweMove is a multi-award-winning Sales and Lettings Agency. Their goal is to provide a new kind of estate agency with local property experts and unparalleled customer service. In five years, EweMove have developed into one of the country’s leading agencies. They’re ranked as the UK’s ‘most trusted agent’ on Trustpilot, with a growing national network.

EweMove now mandate – as much as they can – the use of Danbro for all their franchisees. At the start of 2019, 80% of their franchise network were working with us – including their branch in Basingstoke. And, as Nick confirmed, they’re also looking to pull across the rest of their franchisees.

‘We tell our associates to use Danbro Business’ 

So, it’s been a success on a franchisor level. But would franchisee, Mark, recommend Danbro Business as well?

“Yes. We tell our associates to use Danbro,” he said. “They know our systems well and have the solutions to any issues we have.” 

And, if he were to describe Danbro Business in three words…

“I’d say ‘friendly’, ‘helpful’, and ‘knowledgeable’”.

To find out how Danbro Business can help you fast-track your franchise, click here.

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