Learn about Danbro Busniess’s relationship with FreeAgent, one of the UK’s leading online accountancy software providers.

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FreeAgent is an award-winning, online accountancy tool that provides instant, real-time access to your business’s finances. It was recently voted the UK’s number one for small business accounting software.

At Danbro Business, we are FreeAgent Platinum Partners. And we’re grateful to be able to provide regular feedback to the company’s key decision makers. It’s an association that benefits our clients. FreeAgent’s unique, cloud-based software allows you to manage your money on the move. This includes free access to a whole host of innovative tools and applications.

Danbro Business ‘one of the biggest companies we work with’

To find out more about the partnership between Danbro Business and FreeAgent, we caught up with Kevin McCallum, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer. He began by discussing the relationship and how it works in practice.

“We’ve been working with Danbro since 2016,” he said. “We help provide their contractor and small service franchise clients with award-winning accounting software that puts them in control of their day-to-day finances.

“Danbro are one of the biggest companies that we work with. So, this is an incredibly important and valuable partnership for FreeAgent.”

‘Invaluable for our business’

“From the very start, we’ve been so impressed with how quick and easy it’s been to get the Danbro team up to a high level of expertise with our software,” Kevin said. “Not to mention how engaged they have continued to be with FreeAgent. This includes regular feedback from them about specific pieces of functionality and suggestions for how the software could be even better for accountants. This is invaluable for our business.

“We also really admire Danbro’s progressive business ethos and strong commitment to their local community. Both of which mirror our own company culture and principles. Being so closely aligned has made working together a very rewarding experience. We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”

The benefits of using FreeAgent are ample. You’ll get instant, real-time access to help you make key business decisions, as well as automated reminders. So, you won’t need to worry about chasing any pesky late-payers, for instance. The technology also includes an easy-to-use app. This means you can track your income and expenses straight from your smartphone. What’s more, you’ll be able to record business transactions on the go. Everything you input gets stored in the cloud and is available to your accountant.

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