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Danbro Analytics

Intelligent Insights. Smarter Decisions. Better Results.

Understand, Deliver and Grow Together.

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Introducing Danbro Analytics – your business’s brand new nerve centre. Danbro Analytics gives entrepreneurs and business leaders like you more control than ever before over your company’s data, performance metrics, and key financial results.

Unleash the power and precision of Danbro Analytics today and benefit from in-depth insights, helping you identify new opportunities and make smarter decisions. You’ll also have access to all the information you need to educate your workforce and school the competition.

To find out more about what Danbro Analytics can do for your business, book a call with one of our specialist accountants today.


£15 p/m + VAT
(per license)


£25 p/m + VAT
(per license)


£35 p/m + VAT
(per license)


£45 p/m + VAT
(per license)

All Danbro Analytics Plans Include…

Real-Time Financial Info & Customisable Dashboards

Bespoke Reporting with Integrated ‘Budget Building’

Detailed Supplier, Customer & Product Analysis

Organisational Oversight & Multiple Consolidations

KPI Analysis incl. Important Non-Financial Data Metrics

Profit / Loss Monitoring & Forecasts

Dozens More Amazing Features Depending On Your Chosen Plan!

A New Frontier in Business Intelligence

Most online accounting solutions tend to limit what you can see and do as a business owner. Sure, you might have the capacity to build reports from pre-formed templates, or assess profit and loss forecasts or basic balance sheets, for example. It’s useful stuff, yes, but it’s hardly comprehensive information, nor is it usually the most user-friendly software either.

In the ultra-competitive climate of modern business, mere ‘glimpses’ and ‘snapshots’ of your company’s financial performance are simply not enough. Things are evolving – fast. For entrepreneurs in the 2020s, information is the new water and platforms like Danbro Analytics represent the next frontier in business intelligence.

Intelligent Insights. Smarter Decisions. Better Results.

Hello Data, Goodbye Guesswork

At Danbro Business, we champion collaborative reporting that represents you and your business. Our tailored approach blends the very best technology on the market with personal, practical accountancy, delivered by real people who care about your business.

That’s why all our plans include free onboarding assistance and 121 technical support from our expert team. Integration with other applications is seamless too, with unlimited, fully automated integrations to platforms like Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, Excel, Stripe, and many others.

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