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Danbro Analytics Enterprise

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Danbro Analytics Enterprise


£35 p/m + VAT (per license)


PLUS: Up to 4 additional licenses for just £25 each

Our Enterprise plan puts even more information at the tips of your fingers. This high-level package is designed specifically for those businesses who may require slightly more advanced reporting. Our Enterprise solution includes detailed compliance reports and fraud detection, as standard. You’ll also receive VAT auditing as part of this package, supplemented by the support of our dedicated business accounting specialists. Company benchmarking is available too. This is perfect for franchisors who want to make sure their franchisees are achieving the requisite company standards. Plus, with our detailed, yet digestible, performance reports, you’ll be able to see which franchisees/branches are doing well and explore areas for potential improvements across your network. Essentially, what Danbro Analytics Enterprise enables you to do is easily recognise what’s working and swiftly repair what’s not.

Danbro Analytics Enterprise Includes...

  • Advanced, Real-Time Financial Reporting & Customisable Dashboard Visualisations
  • Custom Report Building & Integrated ‘Budget Building’
  • Detailed Supplier, Customer & Product Analysis
  • Live Cash Flow & Currency Management
  • FOUR-Way Forecasting
  • Extensive Organisational Oversight + Consolidations for Multiple Entities
  • KPI Analysis including important Non-Financial Data Metrics
  • Profit / Loss Monitoring & Forecasting
  • Industrywide Benchmarking Analysis
  • Company Benchmarking
  • Detailed Compliance Reports
  • Valuation Dashboard & Dynamic Ledger Tables
  • VAT Auditing
  • Fraud Detection

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£35 p/m + VAT (per license)


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