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Danbro Analytics Premium

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Danbro Analytics Premium


£25 p/m + VAT (per license)


PLUS: Up to 4 additional licenses for just £15 each

A key challenge for any business these days is cash flow; particularly in light of the events of the last few years. With Danbro Analytics Premium, you can prepare live, real-time cash movements with the advantage of using every piece of data in your accounting system. Sophisticated technology enables you to predict future cash activities, so you can free up funds in advance of, say, larger transactions and take early action should your balance ever enter the red. Danbro Analytics Premium provides four-way forecasting, so you can combine customisable, value-led reports with sophisticated KPI and cash flow reporting. You can create multi-currency consolidations as well as handy account posting and journal posting too. Premium users also have the capacity to digitally track things like average order values and specific customer locations to help make sure you’re driving your efforts in all the right areas.

Danbro Analytics Premium Includes...

  • Advanced, Real-Time Financial Reporting & Customisable Dashboard Visualisations
  • Custom Report Building & Integrated ‘Budget Building’
  • Detailed Supplier, Customer & Product Analysis
  • Extensive Organisational Oversight + Consolidations for Multiple Entities
  • KPI Analysis including important Non-Financial Data Metrics
  • Profit / Loss Monitoring & Forecasting
  • Live Cash Flow & Currency Management
  • FOUR-Way Forecasting
  • Industrywide Benchmarking Analysis

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