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Danbro Analytics Ultimate

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Danbro Analytics Ultimate


£45 p/m + VAT (per license)


PLUS: Up to 4 additional licenses for just £35 each

Our Ultimate package is one of the most comprehensive business analytics solutions on the market. Ideal for larger firms, such as national franchisors, Danbro Analytics Ultimate gives you the wings you need for a complete bird’s eye view of your business. Ultimate comprises everything you get with Danbro Analytics Enterprise PLUS access to the industry-leading business intelligence systems provided by our friends at Fathom. Fathom are trusted by over 50,000 companies worldwide, and our unique collaboration with them allows you to gain the ultimate insight into your business’s performance by tracking, comparing, and compiling reports on all your units, branches, subsidiaries, or franchisees – all in just a couple of clicks on your smartphone.

Danbro Analytics Enterprise Includes...

  • Advanced, Real-Time Financial Reporting & Customisable Dashboard Visualisations
  • Custom Report Building & Integrated ‘Budget Building’
  • Detailed Supplier, Customer & Product Analysis
  • Live Cash Flow & Currency Management
  • FOUR-Way Forecasting
  • Company Benchmarking
  • Detailed Compliance Reports
  • Extensive Organisational Oversight + Consolidations for Multiple Entities
  • KPI Analysis including important Non-Financial Data Metrics
  • Profit / Loss Monitoring & Forecasting
  • Industrywide Benchmarking Analysis
  • Valuation Dashboard & Dynamic Ledger Tables
  • Bookkeeping & VAT Auditing
  • Fraud Detection
Ultimate combines everything Danbro Analytics offers with access to the industry-leading business intelligence solutions provided by our friends at Fathom.
  • Personalised Management Reports
  • High-Level Growth, Trends & Profitability Analysis
  • Access Management & Content Sharing Facilities
  • Progress Monitoring with Real-Time, In-App Notifications
  • Perform Operations on Multiple Report Components – Simultaneously
  • Extensive Content Library of Customisable Tools & Applications
  • Assumptions & Auditability Reports
  • Integrated Reporting, Scenario-Based
  • Planning & Driver-Based Forecasting
  • Strategic Business Roadmap

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