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Specialist Franchisor Accountants

Your franchisees need to be working towards a common goal, with a franchisor accountant who can handle the demands of a national network.



Understand, Deliver and Grow Together.

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Add value to your franchise as a franchisor

Add value to your franchise and get the reassurance you deserve with consistent, reliable financial data. What’s more, with Danbro Business, your bespoke franchisor fees are fixed. The amount you agree up front is the amount you pay; full stop. We’re clear, compliant and totally transparent.


Get better results through benchmarking

Access high-level benchmark figures and targeted analysis to ensure your franchisees’ achieve the standards you expect. With detailed, yet digestible, performance reports, franchisors like you can see which franchisees are performing well and explore areas for potential improvement.

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  • Set Your Franchise Up For Success
  • Manage Your Network More Effectively
  • Harmonise Your Financial Information
  • Benefit From ONE, Specialist Franchise Accountant
  • Help Yourself by Helping Your Franchisees
  • Gain a Greater Understanding of Benchmarking & Budgeting
  • Harness The Power & Precision of Danbro Analytics

Our Franchisor Family

Check out what successful franchisors have to say about working with Danbro Business. View their case studies below...

Nick Neill, Managing Director, EweMove
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Lindsay Brown, Marketing Director, Access4Lofts
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Recognise what’s working; repair what’s not

We’ll identify key performance indicators from across your franchise network. That information will be carefully analysed and fed back to you jargon-free. As the franchisor, you’ll gain a better understanding of your franchisees’ coaching needs. So, you can improve performance and maximise profits.

How ‘Management Information' is helping franchisors like you

Expert advice and professional performance analysis are crucial to a franchise’s growth. That’s why successful franchisors are using ‘Management Information’ to evaluate franchisee performance. With the right information, you’ll have a solid understanding of the franchisees in your network. So, you can set, deliver, and maintain performance goals, and keep ahead of the competition.

Using sophisticated analysis, benchmarking, and data-driven insights, Danbro Business will provide detailed reports, and identify potential improvements to ensure you hit your targets. With your business’s unique key performance indicators, we can assess how well each franchisee is performing against the company ‘benchmark’. So, if one branch is doing better than others, Management Information will help us recognise the reasons why.

As the franchisor, you can then address problems as they arise, implement better practices across your network, and improve the performance of any floundering franchisees. The result is an increase in productivity and an upsurge in profit.

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